Spectro Audio's Free CV Toolkit Mini Can Modulate & Control Modular Synthesizers From Ableton Live

As eurorack and modular synthesizers gain wider use and acceptance with producers, some companies have begun making software to help us control these synths. CV Toolkit Mini does so from Max4Live.  

You may have read our review of CV Toolkit 2 from Spectro Audio and our recent news article about the Modulation Processor 3244 plug-in from Dialog Audio. Both of these allow you to modulate and control your analog hardware synthesizer, though the later can help you communicate over MIDI CC and SysEx too. It naturally comes at a price though.

And that’s what's particularly impressed us with Spectro Audio. Some three years after the release of their first CV Toolkit and with two versions developing at different rates side by side, one standalone and one Max for Live version, they’ve shelved the old M4L device and created a brand new one called CV Toolkit Mini. The new version is simpler to use, fun and powerful and is a free Max for Live device. I can almost hear the clapping from the Ableton corner of the internet.

CV Toolkit Mini is free. Yes, free... and it comes with 10 presets to help you get started controlling your modular synthesizers right out of the (virtual) box.

CV Toolkit Mini Max for Live device.

Here’s what Spectro Audio tells us about CV Toolkit Mini:

"CV Toolkit Mini includes a Clock Generator, an LFO, a S&H, 2 envelopes (AD and ASR), a multiplier, an offset generator, 2 oscilloscopes (for the 2 outputs), and, of course, a mini routing matrix.

"Using these features you can clock, modulate and control your modular synthesizers in many different ways, specially once you start combining these modules in different ways using the routing matrix.

"We also added a protection mechanism that uses the Live API to prevent the device from sending DC signals to your main speakers. 

"While our business goal for CV Toolkit Mini is to promote the more powerful CV Toolkit 2 Standalone version, we are happy to give back to the community a device that is useful, powerful, elegant, and fun to use and explore."

The virtual modules included in CV Toolkit Mini.

The virtual modules included in CV Toolkit Mini.

CV Toolkit Mini is available for free at http://spektroaudio.com/cv-toolkit-mini


  • Ableton Live 9
  • Cycling '74 Max 7
  • Windows 7 or OSX 10.7
  • DC-Coupled Audio Interface

Web: http://spektroaudio.com/cv-toolkit-mini

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