Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2现在可用!

Spectrasonics' long-awaited follow-up to their flagship power synth is finally here! There's tons of new features, but one that excites us the most is the ability to import your own audio.  

Omnisphere 2为您提供了广阔的新合成的可能性,超过400种新的DSP波形,超过10,000的声音,一个新的界面,增强的浏览体验,音频导入,新的琶音器功能,25个新的FX单位,灵活的新FX的特点,并吨的改进。如果你从来没有拥有Omnisphere,现在机会来了,找出为什么它赢得了无数的奖项和掌声产业,它为什么出现这么多命中的记录,为什么它是有史以来最畅销的虚拟合成器之一。

Omnisphere 2跌宕的游戏作曲家,生产者和音响设计师。成为首批亲身体验吧!

不要忘了,如果你已经拥有Omnisphere 1,你可以购买从ILIO升级或您喜爱的经销商。如果你2014年10月1日之后购买的Omnisphere 1,你有权获得免费升级。*

订购你的今天。 Omnisphere 2将开始出货星期二,五月5


* Omnisphere 1将继续直接出货到周二,5月5日和VIP免费Omnisphere 2升级可通过Spectrasonics。

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I was one of the lucky ones who was able to download on launch day. I have owned all of Spectrasonics products for many, many years. Omni 2 is so over the top I can't even properly describe it! With the new features it has now, I can't imagine a way they could improve it in the future. But knowing Spectrasonics, they'll find a way.

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