Source of Uncertainty: Steve Horelick On Synths, Buchla & The Reading Rainbow Soundtrack

If you're in the mood to listen to a podcast on Buchla synthesisers, featuring artists, manufacturers and more, then go subscribe to Source of Uncertainty. Episode 11 shines the spotlight on Steve H.  

Fresh from the release of the stunning and emotive EP, Oceana, Steve H goes in depth in the podcast interview with Source of Uncertainty talking about his love of synthesizers. Starting off with the ARP 2600 Steve then was seduced by the Buchla synths and as well as being a Logic Pro creative genius and eventually a top-trainer, Steve also goes into detail on the beginnings and making of the US/world-famous Reading Rainbow soundtrack.

This episode is ideal for synth heads and those just interested in electronic music making.

Find out more about Steve H and his EP, Oceana in our recent interview here:

On the Source of Uncertainty show, Steve H performed live with some improvised synth chops. Take a listen here:

You can find the podcast on Buchla synths, Source of Uncertainty, here:

Find the epiosde of Apple podcasts here:

... and Google Play here:

Listen to Oceana here: 

Steve H is also the publisher and responisble for the creation of the fantastic video course content at macProVideo, AskVideo and the Ask.Audio Academy.




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