Soundtoys Pitch-Shifting Fun AlterBoy Plug-In is Free

Free for a limited time, Soundtoys have introduced Little Alterboy, a cool plug-in for pitch & formant shifting. Think pitched robot voices with a classic tube saturation model for extra warmth.  

How do you get it for free? Find a code. They are all over our Facebook page, and forums, and places where audio types hang out on the web. Take that code to our webpage and follow the directions.

What is it? Little AlterBoy is an exciting new tool for dramatic voice alteration. Featuring pitch and formant shifting, the overly popular pitch-quantizing hard tune effect, pitch-locked robot voice, and much more. We've even added one of our classic tube saturation models from Decapitator to add warmth or edge to your new vocal creation '" and it's all free, but only if you act fast. Don't miss your chance to "get altered" with Little AlterBoy.

Got a code already? Click here to start altering yourself. Offer ends April 1st.

Supports VST, Audio Units, AAX Native, Mac & Windows. Little AlterBoy does not require an iLok hardware key. 


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Website is down for now, but when it's back, you can get "Little AlterBoy" with this link, which already includes the redemption code:

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