Soundtoys 5 Release Includes All Plugins in an Effect Rack

Soundtoys 5 not only includes all 18 audio effects plug-ins from the Soundtoys collection, but also features a new Effect Rack and workflow enhancements. Check it out below.  

Somehow sneaking under our radar, Soundtoys have released version 5 of their all encompassing Soundtoys collection. It includes all 18 Soundtoys effects plugins, and even more impressive is the all in one Effects Rack which allows for a virtually unlimited creative multi-effects system.

If you’re looking to process your sounds with saturation, compression, distortion, echo and delay, pitch, chorus and widening effects (and we haven’t even talked about modulation properly yet) then Soundtoys highly acclaimed audio effect plug-ins like FilterFreak, Decapitator, EchoBoy, PrimalTap, PanMan and PhaseMistress will be amongst your go to plugins. 

No more hardware dongle if you don't want it.

No more hardware dongle if you don't want it.

Effect Rack

Soundtoys have taken the concept of collecting plugins as individual components and turned it on its head by providing the ability to combine effects via creating your own custom effect chains. When you’ve created your desired combination the rack can act as a single plug-in and be controlled as such. The Effect Rack is designed to enhance workflow by putting all Soundtoys plug-ins in one place and one plug-in window.

Soundtoys also tell us you can “Lock rhythmic effects to a single tempo, or let them run free. Fine tune the input and output levels, and use the global mix control to blend your effect in with the dry signal. Then experiment with the powerful new global Recycle control. By mixing the output of the rack back into the input, you can build your own modulated reverbs, over-the-top delays and other unique ambience effects that would require complicated routing to accomplish in most DAWs.”

The new Effect Rack puts all Soundtoys plug-ins under one roof.

The new Effect Rack puts all Soundtoys plug-ins under one roof.

What’s New in Soundtoys 5?

Effect Rack

  • Create custom effect chains and quickly save and recall your signature sounds
  • Dive in with dozens of carefully crafted presets
  • Control your favorite Soundtoys effects without navigating multiple windows
  • Mix, blend and lock effects to tempo with global controls
  • Design one-of-a-kind reverb and echo effects with the Feedback control


  • Inspired by the Lexicon Prime Time—full of 80s vibe and character
  • Get vintage digital delay sounds, from smooth shimmery echos to lo-fi grime
  • Go beyond the original with longer delay time, enhanced modulation and more
  • Freeze and loop audio and twist it into entirely new sounds
  • Create wild pitch jumps and lo fidelity sounds with the Multiply knob

Little AlterBoy

  • Change the range or even gender of vocals with pitch and formant shifting
  • Create harmony effects easily using the mix control
  • Snap vocals to pitch for the ever-popular hard-tune effect
  • Robotize vocals or use MIDI control for vocoder-like effects
  • Give vocals warmth or edge with modeled tube drive

Flexible Authorization

  • iLok dongle is now optional
  • Authorize on up to two computers with no iLok key required

Plug-in Enhancements

  • Global Improvements: Redesigned Tweak menus make deep editing features easier to use, Improved MIDI timing and tightness
  • EchoBoy: Extra delay time—now supports up to 15 seconds
  • Crystallizer: Extra-long delay time of 20 seconds, Gate and duck controls for dynamic, responsive effects
  • Tremolator: New Feel control for creating off-the-grid rhythms
All your presets are available within the Effect Rack.

All your presets are available within the Effect Rack.

Soundtoys 5 is now hardware dongle free, so you can say hello to that USB port you haven’t seen in a while! If you’d prefer not to use computer authorisation and continue using an iLok dongle, Soundtoys tell us that’s fine too. 

There’s lots more in SoundToys 5. You can download it for free in trial mode, buy outright for $499 USD or upgrade for a minimal amount (check in your Soundtoys account for mode details).


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