SoundTools Online Sound Mastering Algorithm & Source Code Available Free On Github

Intrepid coders can now use Soundtools' previously-closed code and algorithm to try out this unique approach to mastering for themselves, totally free.  

We have talked about Soundtools' innovative online mastering service, Matchering, before - you can read about it here

Unfortunately they were not able to make it into the success they had hoped, and explain some of the reasons here. But there is some good news - now the company has decided to share its secret algorithm on Github for anyone to view and try out, which you can do at

Matchering by SOUND.TOOLS

'We're glad to share source code of closed Matchering project by SOUND.TOOLS to you. Matchering was a novel online mastering service with a simple idea - you should upload 2 tracks:

  • TARGET (the track which you want to master, yours or not yours, you want it sounds like the reference);
  • REFERENCE (another track, yours or not yours, you want your target sounds like it);

The result of Matchering is the TARGET track with the same RMS, FR, peak amplitude, stereo width as the REFERENCE track has.

We developed the unique automatic flexible processing algorithm, which offers a novel online mastering experience, where you show us: how your track should sound by sending the REFERENCE."

Matchering will make your track sounds like you want:

  • 1st step - To match characteristics of your TARGET and the REFERENCE tracks
  • 2nd step - To master your TARGET track with the REFERENCE track's mastering settings
  • It opens a wide range of opportunities
  • You can make your track instantly sounds like your favorite artist's
  • You can make all the tracks of your new album to sound the same very quickly
  • You can find new aspects of your sound in experiments
  • You can do everything as you want, because of: Your References, Your Rules

And now you can make your own mastering using Matchering at home.

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