SoundOracle Reel World Tape Emulation Rack for Ableton Live

Step into the realm of warm, vintage tones with the Reel World Tape Emulation Rack for Ableton. 15 macro knobs and an innovative random button unlock a universe of endless, authentic tape presets.

Meticulously designed for Ableton Live, Reel World ensures fluid creativity and precision control. Embrace the golden age of tape sound—every track, a journey through classic audio nostalgia, now endlessly customizable at your fingertips.

Discover, save, and sculpt your signature sound: Reel World is where timeless character meets modern production.

What is Reel World?
Reel World is an Ableton effect rack crafted to authentically replicate the characteristics and soundscapes of cassette and reel-to-reel tapes from different eras and machines. It empowers users with detailed control over their sound’s texture, including color, dropouts, tape noise, compression, and saturation for a truly customized audio experience.

What’s included in the Reel World Tape Emulation Rack?
Reel World includes 14 macro knobs that allow for detailed customization of tape sounds. It also features constantly modulating parameters under the hood to realistically mimic the sounds and mechanics of tapes. The rack comes with expertly crafted presets, and you can save your own. A random button generates infinite and unlimited tape presets.

What makes Reel World unique?
Reel World is not just an emulation; it’s a creative tool. The macro knobs on the effect rack enable you to craft the exact sound you want, from subtle saturation to extreme degradation. The random button and the ability to save your own presets add to the endless creative possibilities.

Can I save my own presets in Reel World?
Yes, you can create and save your own presets in Reel World. After creating a new preset or modifying an existing one, you should resave the entire Reel World rack to keep these changes permanently.

What are the system requirements for Reel World?
Reel World requires Ableton Live 11.3.4 or higher.

Does the Reel World rack come with presets already?
Yes, Reel World comes with premade presets to get you started quickly.

What are the key features of Reel World?
Reel World’s key features include 14 macro knobs for precise control over various tape characteristics, offering infinite variations and possibilities.


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