Soundmit 2019: Theresyn Is A Theremin And A Synthesizer, And It's Unique. Here's What It Sounds Like

This intriguing instrument has been developed by Nori Ubukata. We got a special hands-on demo of it at Soundmit 2019.  

Here's one of the more weird and wonderful things we saw at Soundmit 2019 - the Theresyn! It's a theremin in a way, but not as you know it! Here's what it can do and what it sounds like.

Here's what the creator of Theresyn says about it. "There are actually similar types of instrument on the market. The basic idea is quite simple. Convert audio signal to the control voltage and drive the synthesizer components such as oscillator, filter and amplifier. However I have my original goal. I wanted it as musically very expressive and useful, sound so unique and beautiful. I aimed for one and only with several original ideas."

Pricing and availability: TBC


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