Soundmit 2019 Full Schedule Now Released Online

Full details of all the exhibitors, classes, demos and performances can now be found on the event's website. Here are some highlights.  

Soundmit, a music tech and synth expo held in Turin, Italy on the 2-3 November 2019, has now officially sold out! With over 50 brands in exhibition, +20 guests, 24 talk/masterclass and showcases there's also 7 live sessions with international musicians. Now, the expo has released its official schedule for the two-day event.

Highlights of the program

  • 100 Shades of Theremin Live - We celebrate the 100 year of Theremin with 5 incredible musicians from Italy and Japan
  • Discovering the GRP V22 Vocoder
  • PREVIEW - New Novation Launchpad X and MK3
  • PREVIEW - Pedal Crush with Kim Bjorn
  • PREVIEW - Keen Association Moscow Oscillarium
  • EXCLUSIVE - Ondomo, the return of Ondes Martenot
  • New Yamaha Montage's Firmware 3.0
  • Roland Jupiter-XM, Fantom and Grooveboxes

Come and visit us on 2nd and 3rd November in Torino - Italy

Find the full schedule here:

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