Soundation And Propellerhead Partner To Offer Europa Synth In Online DAW

The Props' powerful Europa synth is the first Rack Extension to become available in any online DAW. Here's what you need to know.  

Soundation and Propellerhead Software have announced a strategic partnership intended to stretch the boundaries of online music production. To start, the companies will integrate Propellerhead’s iconic Europa synthesizer into Soundation’s studio — the first time a Propellerhead Rack Extension will be available in any online digital audio workstation.

Thanks to the development within music tech, it’s never been easier for producers, songwriters and artists to create and distribute their music . As browser performance closes in on the desktop app experience — with low- level formats such as WebAssembly — music tools are taking a massive leap into new platforms available to anyone with a computer and wi-fi connection.

As part of this ongoing '¨democratization of music production,'¨ online digital audio workstation'¨ Soundation is making Propellerhead’s renowned wavetable synthesizer, Europa, available to its 3.5 million worldwide users. Integrating Europa into Soundation involves building the first ever RackExtension host for the online world, an innovation that will potentially enable any RackExtension plugin to be added to an online DAW.

“With Propellerhead's world-class music production plugins and our knowledge of building one of the most powerful online studios, music producers will be able to push the limits of what’s possible to create online,” says Adam Hasslert, CEO of Soundation.

“We’re delighted to see our Rack Extensions make their way onto new platforms like the web,” adds Timothy Self, SVP of Products at Propellerhead Software. “We couldn’t think of a better inaugural partner for delivering this next generation of audio creation tools than Soundation.”

Soundation and Propellerhead Software were recently highlighted as cutting-edge companies within web audio by Google at Google I/O 2019.

Europa will be available on Soundation in the fall/winter of 2019. The regular price for Europa is $150, although Soundation will offer a special rate of $4 per month or $29 per year.

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