Sound Magic Announce New Neo Strings Products And Sale Event

Boost your virtual string library with upcoming new releases from Sound Magic, and get significant discounts off existing instruments.  

Sound Magic has announced a new line of products called Neo Strings, which features solo strings and string ensembles. It includes Cadenza Solo Violin, Cadenza Solo Viola, Cadenza Solo Cello, Cadenza Strings and Neo Strings. These new products all using Sound Magic’s latest hybrid modeling technology and provides modelled legato, modelled tremolo and modelled vibrato.
These products will be available on the first half of 2020. Price and More information will be available when they release.
Sound Magic also announces its Lunar New Year Sale Event. It will Save up to 71% on instruments and effect plugins. The offer includes:

  • 71% off Neo EQ
  • 71% off Upright Grand
  • 50% OFF China Impression
  • 25% off Neo Piano
  • Get Pipa Free when you purchase BambooDreams
  • Get Konghou Free when you purchase Guzheng

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