Song Setup In PreSonus Studio One 4

Understanding the basics of setting up your projects means smoother workflow and moving more quickly to recording. Here's how it's done in Studio One 4.  

Studio One from PreSonus is the latest version of the company's powerful DAW that sits at the heart of many studios and production setups. But if you're new to its environment, where should you start? In this short video from the course Studio One 4 101: Quick Start Guide, expert producer Joshua Carney takes you through the process of creating a new song from scratch. These are the first steps you'll need to know about to get started with Studio One.

Studio One 4 101: Quick Start Guide

Joshua explains the differences between Song files and Project files, which are what Studio One uses as the basis for your productions. Song files are what you need to record, edit and mix your songs, while Project files are used exclusively for mastering. You use them to take multiple songs and master them as part of the same album or E.P.

When you choose to create a new Song file, you'll see that the template system in Studio One gives you plenty of options for quickly loading pre-set projects complete with tracks and plugins already present, as well as setting core characteristics for your song like tempo, time signature, key and audio format. You are walked through the different song setup options and shown which are the best to use in most normal circumstances.

Once you have set up your song you're ready to move on to the next step of the production process, and you can learn about that and much more about Studio One by checking out the full course!

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