Softube releases Amp Room and Marshall Cabinet Collection

Imagine a luxury studio of vintage gear including classic Marshall amps, legendary cabinets, pedals, and mics configurable exactly how you want it to to produce the very best guitar and bass tones.  

Linköping, Sweden, June 2nd, 2020:

Softube Amp Room is a modern platform designed for the discerning professional, the connoisseur, to be a continuously growing system of everything you need to create high-quality, authentic, and incredibly realistic guitar and bass sounds. You’re the master of puppets, mixing and matching all the gear you need to create mix-ready guitar and bass sounds just like you would in a physical studio. You can also process other sound sources, such as drum, vocals, and synth tracks. All the gear you chose from your visit to that luxury studio is configured to your exact specifications and ready to use.

Softube Amp Rooms amps

Softube Amp Room Amps

A platform for album-ready guitar and bass sounds
Amp Room comes with 6 amplifiers, 16 cabinets, 10 effects pedals, 3 studio effects (including the American Class A channel strip as 2 modules), 8 utility modules, and 260 presets covering a wide variety of styles and genres. Not only that, you can also load a selection of Softube plug-ins, like amps, compressors and equalizers, as modules. Customizable, flexible, and as simple or complex as you need it to be. Add expansion packs and create your personal digital studio with everything you need to create high-quality, incredibly realistic guitar sounds, exactly the way you want them.

Marshall Cabinet Collection

In addition to Amp Room, the platform itself, Softube is also releasing Marshall Cabinet Collection, an Amp Room exclusive collection of 8 classic, rare, and handwired speaker cabinets by Marshall, versatile enough for any style or genre of music from vintage to modern. They were all recorded at Dugout Productions studio by producer Daniel Bergstrand (Behemoth, Meshuggah, In Flames), and each one has 6 single microphone options and 6 mix-ready microphone combinations unique to each cabinet that sound absolutely incredible. Use them with any amplifier in Amp Room, use the mix-ready microphone combinations, or put multiples of the same cabinet in parallel to create your own combinations.

Amp Rooms cab


Amp Rooms pedals
Amp Rooms expansions

In short

  • NEW: Softube Amp Room—a modular guitar and bass platform for the connoisseur, designed with careful component modeling and sound quality as top priority
  • Mix and match amps, cabs, pedals, studio effects, and more to create high-quality, authentic, and incredibly realistic guitar and bass sounds
  • A continuously growing platform and ecosystem, compatible with other Softube plug-ins, such as amps, compressors, and equalizers–the American Class A channel strip is included as 2 modules: compressor and equalizer
  • Highly customizable: patch in any kind of studio tool you need anywhere in the chain
  • Build patches that are difficult or impossible in a physical studio
  • Useful for any style and genre
  • Upgrade paths available from previous guitar and bass products: Vintage Amp Room, Bass Amp Room, Metal Amp Room, and Amp Room Bundle
  • NEW: Marshall Cabinet Collection—Amp Room exclusive collection of classic Marshall cabinets with enough variety and options to cover any style and genre
  • 8 classic, rare, handwired speaker cabinets recorded by producer Daniel Bergstrand with 6 mics, selectable as single options or mix-ready combinations
  • Officially licensed and endorsed by Marshall




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