Softube Fix Flanger and Doubler Now Available

Created in collaboration with Paul Wolff, Softube's new Fix Flanger and Doubler plug-ins aim to bring the classic flanging and vocal doubling sounds of the 60s to your DAW in 2015 and beyond.  

LINKÖPING, SWEDEN: from the mind of legendary audio equipment designer Paul Wolff comes the new Fix Flanger and Doubler. This package is made in collaboration with Swedish high-end plug-in developer Softube. Fix Flanger and Doubler takes the legacy and sound of classic flanging and vocal doubling of the 1960s, but with all the benefits of the digital world. Fix Flanger and Doubler will be available for purchase as of November 9, 2015.

In 1979, Paul Wolff formalized a vision which was turned into exclusive limited-edition hardware, later loved among musicians and sound engineers. In 2015, Fix Flanger and Doubler is the reincarnation of this vision — a plug-in package that handles hands-on flanging with unique stereo widening methods, as well as vocal doubling with lush chorus and rich textures.

Softube's new Fix Flanger & Doubler plug-ins.

Softube's new Fix Flanger & Doubler plug-ins.


Classic flanging reimagined

Fix Flanger is versatility personified — capable of both classic guitar pedal-style flanging with an automatically swept flange, as well as direct interaction in the manual mode. A VSO mode features unprecedented hands-on control with emulated servo motor bounce. Added features such as tap tempo sweep, unique stereo widening methods, and selectable delay polarity makes Fix Flanger the Swiss Army knife of flangers!

Fix Flanger

Fix Flanger

Doubling made simple

Fix Doubler delivers texture and extraordinary richness to vocals and polyphonic instruments. The streamlined interface, combined with Paul Wolff’s unique ‘Auto Double’ algorithm, makes it easier than ever to add lush chorus and rich layers to your vocal track.

Softube Doubler

Softube Doubler

In short

  • Fix Flanger delivers the sound of classic auto-sweep flanging, with extreme control and flexibility.
  • Unprecedented hands-on VSO flange control, with servo motor bounce emulation.
  • Fix Doubler provides lush chorus and rich textures to your vocals.
  • ‘Auto Double’ uses a unique method of accurate flange effect cancellation to make a natural-sounding doubler effect.
  • Price from authorized dealers: $149.00 USD/€114.00 EUR, excluding sales tax/VAT.
  • Introductory price: $110.00 USD/€85.00 EUR until November 27, 2015.
  • Free 20-day demo available — no USB iLok required.

The Fix Flanger and Doubler plug-in package is available from today at an introductory price of $110 / €85 EUR through authorized Softube dealers until November 27. After that date, the price will be $149.00 USD/€114.00 EUR (excluding sales tax/VAT) from Softube’s authorized dealers, as well as from Softube’s own Web Store (where the price is circa 10% higher) here: 

Please visit the Fix Flanger and Doubler product page for more information and a demonstration video; a free 20-day demo license can also be downloaded from here:

All Softube plug-ins, including the Fix Flanger and Doubler plug-in package, use iLok’s machine-based license system, which is entirely free, meaning a USB iLok key is optional.

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