Social Media Strategy For Musicians - Tactics Vs. Strategy Explained

It's important to understand the difference between your wider strategy and targeted tactics so your effort is directed most effectively. Here's what you need to know.  

Social media is an inescapable facet of modern life and for musicians, it can provide a great way to promote yourself and your music - but only if you understand how to use it as effectively as possible. The old advice of "be on every platform, everywhere" doesn't necessarily hold true any more, with most people much more selective about what they pay attention to in the deluge of information they face every day.

Social Media 101: Strategies Tactics for Artists and DJs

In this short video from the course Social Media 101: Strategies Tactics for Artists and DJs, Adam Pollard explains the differences between strategies / principles and tactics, showing that tactics can evolve over time, but your overall strategies and principles usually stay the same. A strategy or principle can be platform independent as well as being time-independent, whereas a tactic is a specific implementation of your strategy. 

Instead of just carpet bombing every website you can find, employ the tactics described in this video - and in the rest of the videos in this course - to better target and focus your efforts on channels and platforms that are likely to give you the best return. It's a fascinating insight into promoting yourself, your music and your skills. 

Watch the full course Social Media 101: Strategies Tactics for Artists and DJs in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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