‘Slice’ Kickstarts Homemedia With Raspberry Pi Compute Module

A KICKSTARTER project launched today seeks to bring to market the first media player powered by the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. But this is more than a media player. Check this out now!  

12 Aug 2014–Slice is the brainchild of ‘FiveNinjas’, five talents representing media, design, technology, education and the Raspberry Pi community.

Beneath its stylish anodised aluminium exterior with controllable rainbow LED lighting ring, Slice will provide 1TB of storage space for movies, pictures and music.

Smaller than a Blu­ray boxset, Slice can be taken anywhere. Load Slice with media from any PC or Mac, plug it into your television via HDMI and operate with our custom remote control.

Slice could well be the missing link we'll all want in our homemedia setup.

Slice could well be the missing link we'll all want in our homemedia setup.

“Slice offers a totally self-contained media system in a portable form factor. We’ve created the media player we think was missing from the market.” explained Mo Volans one of the Ninjas and creator of the original Slice concept.

The five are hoping this latest project will also catch the imaginations of thousands of movie fans and Raspberry Pi aficionados to raise the £90,000 they need to take Slice into production.

“We’re don’t like the streaming media players that dominate the market. If you have a dodgy internet connection they don’t work, and you need a monthly subscription to use most of them. Slice is our solution.” said Paul Beech, Ninja number three and creator of the UK’s first Kickstarter.

The project’s supporters will get to be the first to become owners of a Slice which, in common with other Raspberry Pi related products, is built on open technologies and can be reprogrammed or improved by the community of owners.

For more information contact Mo Volans at mo@fiveninjas.com or view the campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fiveninjas/slice-a-media-player-and-more

Slice Features:

  • Slice is a user friendly media player with internal storage and a Raspberry Pi heart. Load it with anything, use it anywhere
  • Connects to your TV via HDMI and will store and play back all of your videos, music and pictures in full HD.
  • A carefully designed user interface and custom remote control makes it effortless and fun to use.
  • Has an anodised case machined from solid aluminium.
  • Features a customisable LED light ring for visual feedback and wow factor!
  • Has on­board storage – simply drag and drop your media onto Slice’s hard disk using a single USB connection from any Mac or Windows PC.
  • Small and portable – take your media with you to enjoy with friends, family or on trips away.
  • Can access media over a network, and has two USB ports for connecting extra devices, such as external hard drives.
  • Built on open technologies and can be reprogrammed to run alternative open source
  • software.

Check out the kickstarter here.

About FiveNinjas

FiveNinjas is a collective of five passionate professionals with decades of industry experience in media, electronics, product design and manufacturing between them.

FiveNinjas consists of Mo Volans, a music producer and trainer, Jon Williamson and Paul Beech, Directors at Sheffield Maker company Pimoroni, James Adams, Director of Hardware Engineering at Raspberry Pi and Gordon Hollingworth, Director of Software Engineering at Raspberry Pi.


Check out the kickstarter campaign here:


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