Shaping Sounds With The Coupler Filter in Arturia's Moog Modular V

Get into the details of how the Moog Modular V from Arturia generates and shapes its sounds with this short video.  

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to own a real Moog Modular, but Arturia has an excellent alternative - the Moog Modular V. Expert trainer Rishabh Rajan is here to guide you through how this powerful softsynth does its thing in the course Arturia V 102 - Moog Modular V Essentials. In this short video, he shows how the instrument's Coupler filter can be used to shape and modify your sounds. 

Moog Modular V has extensive control voltage capabilities and Rishabh demonstrates how to use these to modulate different parameters of the Coupler filter. You will see how the filter section integrates with the other parts of the synth to provide ultimate control. Check out the rest of the videos in this course to become a Moog Modular master!

Watch the full course Arturia V 102 - Moog Modular V Essentials in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

Arturia V 102 - Moog Modular V Essentials

Created by Robert Moog in 1964, and made famous in 1968 by Wendy Carlos with the groundbreaking recording “Switched-On Bach”, the Moog Modular system is now considered the grandfather of analog synths. Also associated with other big names (such as Keith Emerson, Tangerine Dream, The Beatles and many others), this synth system is a true classic, but because of its massive size and prohibitive cost, it remained inaccessible to most. Thankfully, France-based software/hardware company Arturia created an authentic emulation of this wall of synth modules. In this course, synthesis expert and trainer Rishabh Rajan reveals all the basics you need to know to start creating your own patches from scratch!

Rishabh starts with an overview of the Moog Modular V plugin where you learn how to use the preset browser, how to navigate the interface, and how basic patching works. Next, he dives into the Oscillator section, where you learn how to tune, key track, sync and modulate its nine (yes, nine!) oscillators. You also discover all the various filter, noise generator, ADSR, LFO, and VCA modules. The course concludes by putting everything you learned together in a creative sound design workshop.

So bring out your virtual patch cables and join master synthesis Rishabh Rajan in this info-packed, 16-tutorial course. After watching this course, not only will you be able to understand all the basic Moog Modular V modules, but you will also greatly reinforce your knowledge of modular synthesis too!

Watch the full course Arturia V 102 - Moog Modular V Essentials in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

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