Shakmat Releases The Gemini's Path, Hybrid Stereo Processor

This diminutive hardware module can shapeshift into an expander, compressor, auto panner and much more. Here's the details.  

The Gemini's Path, despite its small size, is actually a mix of three modules : a pair of VCAs (That Corp branded for low distorsion & low noise) driven by a dual modulation source, that is excited by the trigger detector which extracts triggers from the input signals or an external / side chain input.

What It Does

Since the modulation source delivers different types of modulation, the Gemini's Path offers lots of different application possibilities, such as:

  • Expander: with decay or hold control
  • Pump: compressor like device with adjustable release time (also with a unique release shape)
  • Panner: sine panner, random panner or triggered panner
  • Granuliser: chops the signal into small bits & spread them in the stereo field
  • VCAs: stereo VCAs with volume and panning control.
  • Or two independent VCAs

Simple And Intuitive Interface

Our main goal was to create a compact, polyvalent and easy peasy to use module. Besides its capabilities, the module has a minimal user interface and gives instant results in all its applications : choose a mode, set the threshold and have fun with the two big knobs. And of course, bring the Gemini's Path in communication with the rest of your modular thanks to the CV inputs.

Stereo Or Dual Mono

The Gemini's Path allows linked or independant control over two channels and can therefore be used as two mono units (with different modes on each channels). Think dual mono side chain compressor, out of phase tremolos for more stereo weirdness, a trigger that expands the drums and makes the bass pump, dual decay on VCAs for drum synthesis, triggered crossfader when mixing the outputs.

Price: 219€ (169€ as DIY Kit) 


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