See what's new in Apple's Logic Pro 10.7.5!

Apple's Logic Pro 10.7.5 is here with a FREE update filled with several new features and enhancements that users have been eagerly awaiting.

Apple's Logic Pro Keeps getting Better and Better

It's not an easy task to continually update anything. I've been a homeowner for years. My house is over 100 years old and I know from experience that repairing it and updating while still living in it is a challenge. The same is true for any DAW user. We have to keep working and living with our favorite DAW even while the programmers and designers are enhancing, improving and incorporating new features. Thankfully, the Apple Logic team is constantly innovating and developing features and enhancements for their dedicated users without interruptions to our workflow and enjoyment of "living" musically with our DAW.

Logic Pro 10.7.5 does just that. It's a crowd pleaser with some much asked for functionality, surprises and enhancements.

So what are these new features? Well, check these out: 

  • Nested Track Stacks - With its additional level of hierarchy you can now place Track Stacks within a Track Stack. This may not seem huge until you start reaping the benefits. It definitely makes for easier (and more logical) track management. For example, think about your drum tracks. To keep them organized they are often placed together in a Track Stack. Often times there will be several different snare tracks, kick and hi-hat tracks. Now each of those similar groups can be "stacked" within the overall drum Track Stack. I can see how this will be a big deal for producers of all kinds. Orchestral arranger often use separate tracks for the same instruments for different libraries and articulations. This will definitely help them keep their projects and template (with hundreds of tracks) more organized.
  • A new Gain Tool in the tool box - Now there's a dedicated Gain Tool that provides quick, easy and precise adjustments to audio and MIDI regions without having to dive into the Inspector. Visual feedback includes a level line (as you're adjusting) and a dynamically scaled waveform display. Note that in the case of MIDI the Gain Tool adjusts the velocity of ALL the notes in the region. I was using it in conjunction with the Marquee Tool to quickly adjust parts of regions that required volume/velocity adjusting. It's intuitive, visual and saves a lot of time.
  • MIDI plugin output chains can now be recorded directly to the track. This is big. Prior to this release, Instrument Tracks only recorded your MIDI input. To get around it, I previously had to hack the IAC bus which was a real painful workaround. Now in Logic Pro 10.7.5 there's a new feature located in the MIDI plugin section of the channel strip called, "Record MIDI to track here" (RMTTH). When inserted anywhere in the MIDI effects plugin chain, it will record transformed and/or arpeggiated MIDI data from that point in the chain directly to the track. Upon playback, RMTTH will ignore those already recorded MIDI FX in the channel strip so there's no need to shut them off! We've been asking for this feature for a long time, and now it has been delivered in a very slick way. Kudos to the Logic Pro team!
  • Free Record - There's a new record option in the transport that allows for free, sans metronome recording with MIDI and audio. This may not sound like such a big deal until you realize just how powerful and simple this feature is! But before we get into it I have to say I have always hated Beat Mapping. It was always such a PITA and always a real time suck. I'm happy to report that the problem has been solved and the solution is truly elegant. Just hit the Free Record button and start playing. Logic Pro 10.7.5 will follow the tempo of your performance by auto-creating a Tempo Map or with options to smooth out the performance to the nearest single tempo all the while in both cases retaining the "feel" of your performance. It all happens seamlessly within the workflow without any unnecessary hindrances to your creative flow. Mind you, these are options. If you want to spend the whole day beat mapping... go right ahead!
  • Smart Tempo - Speaking of tempo, Smart Tempo just got a whole lot smarter! With a new machine-learning based analysis, just toss in a few "Hints" in the Smart Tempo editor and the ML system will analyze your file and do its Smart Tempo magic. It's quite magical and seems like the beginning of more ML and AI to come. All that cool stuff is built right into Apple's new chips and as soon as enough of us eventually upgrade I'm hoping we'll see more of this "intelligence" built into Logic's instruments and plugins. Maybe mind reading will be next and we can all do way with our MIDI controllers!
  • Stompboxes - You know all those stompboxes in the Pedalboard plugin? Now all 35 are available (in their many unique flavors) as individuals plugins in the Channel Strip. What fun to easily apply these FX to a variety of audio without having to load up the whole Pedalboard. Got to admit, though, it's kinda silly to have the stomp on/off toggle buttons on the UI. I have to keep reminding myself to keep my foot off the Mac's screen!
  • Personalized Spatial Audio - Logic can use Personalized Spatial Audio settings created with iOS16, customizing the Dolby Atmos experience to your physiology. This takes your spatial audio immersion to the next level. This is a feature that is integrated into your AirPods Pro and AirPods Max and is "personalized" using your iPhone's cameras to scan the shape of your head (and ears) to customize and enhance your Dolby Atmos experience. This "scan" can then be selected and applied in Logic Pro's Spatial Audio options. I think I have one of the heads (or set of ears) that just doesn't want to hear binaural Spatial Audio like everybody else. I did the wave the iPhone around my head dance and I'm still disappointed with the way my ears and brain perceived the effect. Others I chatted with seem to really get it. Must be my ears and years of listening to music at extreme levels!
  • Ableton Link - I play live music and I've got to admit I've been terribly jealous of those videos showing Ableton Live users and tabletop synth guys joining in together playing music. Well, make room at the table for me! Logic Pro 10.7.5 now supports the Ableton Link standard. This enables Logic users to easily synchronize supported software and hardware. To do it just implement the Sync button in your Tool Bar, select Ableton Sync and now you're locked into the tempo and beats of any other supported (and linked) hardware and software on the same Wi-Fi network. Combine this with Live Loops (perhaps) and you'll be jamming with all your Ableton buddies and tabletop beatboxes with ease.
  • New hard-hitting "Knock" presets for the Stereo output. Hip-Hop producers (and I'm told FL Studio users) like to listen (and perhaps mix) their music using similar settings. Now you can add that same punch to your mix using the 3 Knock settings in the output channel strip. 

Check out this FREE What's New in Logic Pro 10.7.5 course at our site:

Check out this free course.

Besides these new features and enhancements, I hear there are literally hundreds of tweaks and bug fixes to the existing array of features. Again, Kudos to the Logic team who, behind the scenes, keep improving our Logic experience.

My Logic Pro wish list keeps getting smaller with every new release

I'd still like to have: Moveable channel strips in the mixer. Modulator plugins with modifiers in audio channels. A new improved Environment  (with audio and MIDI objects that are graphically and functionally updated) and finally an improved MIDI Learn with project-based Smart Controls rather ones that are limited to tracks. That's my wish list. What's on yours? Leave your commenrts below:

BTW, you can download a trial version of Logic Pro 10.7.5 at the Mac App Store now!
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