Say Hello To Threequencer, World’s First 3-Dimensional Step Sequencer

Threequencer is a playable 3-dimensional step sequencer created by Ray Interactive.  

[Edinburgh, United Kingdom] 23 March, 2021: A playable online prototype of the world’s first 3-dimensional step sequencer, Threequencer, will be unveiled this weekend at Engage 2021 -- a virtual showcase of sound and visual art from around the world.

Threequencer prototype screenshot 1

Threequencer introduces a third axis to the traditional two-dimensional step sequencer: the new ‘z’ value determines which of multiple x/y sequencer planes is audible. As this value moves (periodically or via a controller), Threequencer crossfades between planes, and interpolates their FX values, creating complex, glitchy sounds from simple building blocks. When the z value’s period is not a factor of the transport's tempo, aperiodic and unexpected patterns emerge.

Threequencer prototype screenshot 2

Threequencer will be premiering at Engage 2021, a virtual exhibition hosted by Glasgow collective RE-ND-ER-ED that will showcase work from artists around the world who are pushing the boundaries of contemporary sound and visual art. The event will take place on Friday 26-28 March 2021, where Threequencer will be playable for the first time ever.





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