Sample Tweaking In Native Instruments Flesh

Native Instruments' Flesh is a powerful instrument for fleshing out your samples and loops into whole tracks. Here, G.W Childs explains how to select and mangle samples for the best results.  

Native Instruments' Flesh is a unique Reaktor-based instrument designed by Tim Exile with a wealth of sound design and sound shaping tools. But where to begin? In this short video from the course Flesh 101: Fleshing It Out, G.W Childs takes you on a journey to discover how the instrument can use samples and loops as the basis for some cool, cutting edge sequences. 

You'll see how using loops with different frequency content can dramatically affect the way that Flesh reacts. Its sample player section has multiple different methods of playing back loops and beats as well as processing your samples so that they can be manipulated in almost infinite ways as they interact with the other elements contained inside Flesh. For much more on using this powerful instrument for cutting edge sound design, check out the rest of the videos in this course.   

Watch the full course Flesh 101: Fleshing It Out in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

Flesh 101: Fleshing It Out

Designed by technical genius Tim Exile, NI’s Flesh lets you load your raw audio samples and dynamically re-synthesize them into new multi-layered sonic material. With Flesh, you can improvise and experiment to your heart's content, and create new harmonic and melodic ideas on stage or in the studio. In this course, sound designer GW Childs reveals how to get the most out of this fun and forward-thinking Reaktor instrument.

The course starts with a deep look at Flesh’s user interface where you discover the five colorful orbs, the macro controls, and how the sound sections correspond to different octaves on your MIDI keyboard. After explaining how to set up Flesh in your DAW, GW reveals how to go beyond the presets by loading your own audio loops. Next, all sound generators are thoroughly explored and explained, including the mono & poly synths, the dubby delay FX and the extremely deep sounding Sub section. Continuing with the course, you’ll also learn how to use Flesh’s multi-outputs for mixing in your DAW, how to modulate all parameters with the LFO and ENV modulators, how to customize the harmony slots, and more…

So join GW Childs in this course, and learn to massage your audio loops into fat tracks using NI Flesh!

Watch the full course Flesh 101: Fleshing It Out in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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