ROLI Announces Seaboard 5D

Just one week after causing tremors with Blocks, their modular-style, playable gesture based music making devices, ROLI have unleashed a new app to support the Seaboard RISE with free sound packs.  

With the release of BLOCKS, Roli updated their popular NOISE app which unfortunately lost some functionality for existing Seaboard RISE users. In just one week they've created Seaboard 5D for iOS which fully models the interface of the Seabord RISE controller/instrument on the iPhone and iPad.

In short, ROLI have made amends and gone a step further by making all soundpacks free for download in Seaboard 5D for a limited time. This will provide a stop-gap for Seaboard users who found the NOISE update a bit of a downer. And the idea is that eventualy both NOISE and Seaboard 5D will be rolled into one app with more features than you can shake a stick at.

Here's what ROLI have to say about the new app, the recent update to Noise and their plans for the future...

"We’re excited to announce that we just released a new app called Seaboard 5D. With an interface modelled on the keywave surface of the Seaboard RISE, Seaboard 5D turns the touch screen of your iPhone or iPad into a powerful surface for musical expression. You can download it now:

"Some of you who were familiar with the old version of the NOISE app will recognise that this is that same version with a new name. Why is Seaboard 5D coming now? Last week we released the new version of NOISE that makes the app more powerful than ever before. Having said that, we heard the feedback loud and clear that the new NOISE app update was frustrating for some people who missed the Seaboard View. Although we did it with the best of intentions, to get all the functionality that all our creators need into a single powerful app and not make people repurchase sound packs, we faced some challenges which you can read about here: We're sorry for the frustration that our mistake caused, and we wanted to make sure people could access those features immediately.

"Seaboard 5D will do that. It is free, and we've also made all the soundpacks free to download for the time being. This means if you knew and loved the old app, you can download and enjoy the sounds you purchased just as you did before, and you can play with other sounds you may not have purchased.

"Those of you who have purchased sounds will also still have access to them in the new NOISE app which in due course will encompass all the features of Seaboard 5D and add many more. We think NOISE is a really powerful new way to sketch and share musical ideas. If you haven’t already, give it a try:"




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