ROLI Acquire - Focusing on Social Music Making Collaboration

ROLI might be best known for the Seaboard and the new RISE (the performance videos for RISE really blew us and the internet away)... but they're also interested in musicians collaborating using Blend.  

We received this press release from ROLI yesterday and it makes for an interesting read. What will this acquisition mean for current and future ROLI products? What can we expect to happen with No answers here, but we think ROLI are very interested in getting involved where more collaborations happen. Read more below:

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve acquired Blend, an amazing platform that makes music creation social.

Our first passion here at ROLI has been making hardware and software for music creation with new and exciting dimensions of expression. Starting with the Seaboard GRAND, following with Equator, and, more recently, with the Seaboard RISE, we are really proud to be making some of the most innovative products for music creation today.

What will this acquisition mean for current and future ROLI products?

What will this acquisition mean for current and future ROLI products?

We want to do more, however, than make music creation more expressive. We want to make it a better, easier and more integrated experience. About a year ago we got to know Alex and the Blend team, and we were really impressed with the Blend platform and how they were building it. Blend is dedicated to unlocking the social potential of the web to make it easier for people to collaborate and share. We felt that Blend was not focused merely on attracting as many users as possible, but also building a true community of creators. We’re excited to be bringing our communities together and to be working with the Blend team in our new US office.

Our mission at ROLI is to “make music now.” By that we mean making truly expressive music in real time - and more broadly, placing in the service of music creators the best tools and technologies of the digital age. Blend calls for people to “make music together,” and that idea resonates at ROLI as well. We believe a collaborative approach is fundamental to how we make music now.

So let’s make music together, now.

Check out Blend.

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