Roland TR-09 Vs TR-909 Vs AIRA TR-8 Video Comparison

The internet has been divided since Roland introduced the new ACB-powered TR-09 rhythm composer on 9th September. Many want comparisons between it and the original 909. This video goes one better.  

This short video by Bonedo compares the original Roland TR-909 against the more recent AIRA TR-8... and the very recently announced Roland TR-9. Only one of these is analog of course. That is, after all, what all the discussion has been about across the internet since the introduction of the TR-09 as part of the Boutique range. Roland tell us this uses an enhanced version of ACB (analog circuit behavior) technology.

As we haven't got hands on with these yet, we can't comment. However, here's a video showing a simple comparison of all three synth drum machines in action to help you decide which sounds better/more authentic, etc.

Roland Boutique TR-09 Rhythm Composer Drum Machine

[Via: Michael Kruse]

For more info on the Roland Boutique TR-09 go here:

Or here, to the official Roland TR-09 webpage: 


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