Roland Tease AIRA Modular System

We officially can't wait. Roland's AIRA looks to be going modular according to this rather revealing picture posted on the Roland AIRA website.  

Continuing with the AIRA range, which if you go by recent conversations I've been having with artists and producers lately suggest is pretty popular, Roland are bringing something modular our way pretty soon. What do I mean by soon? Well, Musikmesse is next week (15th April, 2015 onwards) so we can expect to see it in action there.

How do we know it's modular? Simple. Look at the picture. If that's not enough the tag line is 'start patching'. Still not convinced? We grabbed the picture from the site and it is named, 'b_airamodular.jpg'. Case closed.

Roland AIRA Modular

Roland AIRA Modular "synth" is going to be revealed in full at Musikmesse next week.

The top of picture bears a remarkable similarity to the System-1 synth and we suspect the modules below it'¦ well, in truth we don't know what they are or what they do at this stage. We are hoping AIRA will be Eurorack compatible... What we do know is we'll be looking to tell you more as soon as we see it in person at Musikmesse next week. We'll also grab video of it too.


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