Roland JD-XA Synthesizer Now Has Improved Front Panel Overlay. Here's How Easy It Is To Install

If you love the Roland JD-XA but want a solution for the shiny, reflective front cover panel, this video shows how to install the JD-XA overlay for a lovely matte finish. And it's FREE!  

We love the Roland JD-XA analog/digital crossover synthesizer. It's got a great sound, easy to use features and so much going for it, we're surprised it's not even more popular than it is. Read out full review here:

But, if I'm honest, there was one aspect of the JD-XA I wasn't happy about. The shiny, glossy front panel. If you like finger prints, smudges and reflections then the exterior of the JD-XA will be your best friend. However, if it is a small annoyance for you, then this beautiful matte finish overlay can be obtained directly from Roland for FREE!

The good folk from Noise Collective and Synth Meeting show how easy it is to install in this first video: 

If you're a fa of Matte over Gloss then you'll love this overlay.

If you're a fa of Matte over Gloss then you'll love this overlay.

Here's the simple five steps for installing the overlay on the JD-XA: 

  • Step 1 - Prepare the JD-XA. Clean the JD-XA surface with a microfiber cloth and/or a soft brush
  • Step 2 - Prepare the overlay. The overlay is composed of five separate screen-printed panels
  • Step 3 - Remove the slider caps with the help of a small lever, gently remove all the slider caps
  • Step 4 - Apply the overlay. Each part has four small stickers at the corners. Remove the sticker protections, then place the part on the JD-XA panel. Repeat this step for the other 4 parts.
  • Step 5 - Put back the slider caps

And there you have it! A really gorgeous looking new front panel for your beloved JD-XA that won't reflect light badly or attract finger prints.

The finish of the JD-XA overlay is really nice.

The finish of the JD-XA overlay is really nice.

The JD-XA overlay is FREE upon request from Roland. Contact your local Roland retailer / dealer for more information.

Read our review of the original JD-XA synthesizer here:

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