Roland Celebrates 909 Day With Legendary Jeff Mills And The TR-909

Here's 3 videos to celebrate #909Day. First is an interview with Jeff Mills. Next up we discover the origin of the 909 cymbal sound. Finally we explore iconic records the TR-909 appears on.  

To celebrate September 9— #909DAY—Roland sat down with Jeff Mills in Paris, France to better understand how the 909 helps realise Jeff’s unique musical vision and gain some insight into his perspective of the future of electronic music.

Jeff Mills is widely considered to be the world’s most progressive Techno DJ and Producer. His musical journey—having originated in Detroit—has seen one instrument join him through the decades: the Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer. His connection, and performance, with the 909 has set the standard of live electronic music performance with the critically acclaimed 'Exhibitionist 2' documentary a Techno hardware masterclass:

Ever wondered where the Roland TR-909’s cymbal sound came from? Check out this short video featuring some of the original engineers on the TR-909 project:

The TR-909 has popped up on many records over the years, including some that you may not realise. Find out more with this episode of ‘an oral history of drum machines’:

Discover more about the TR-909 here:

Learn new audio and music production skills ... from beat making to drum programming, music theory to hardware or software synthesis:

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