At first glance, the Yamaha AG06 looks like a small, simple mixer. But there are a lot of unique features under the hood. Matthew Loel T. Hepworth climbs under the bonnet to reveal those secrets.  

当雅马哈宣布了新的192千赫/ 24位AG系列混频器( AG03AG06 ),我最初的反应是,



"The XLR connectors access the acclaimed D-PRE mic preamps found in high-end Yamaha and Steinberg mixers."


Figure 1. Top view.





前面板缺乏声像控制和EQ旋钮。相反,有开关通道1 COMP / EQ,通道2 AMP SIM(吉他放大器模拟),两者1

"Once you install AG DSP Controller, you can access and program the DSP in Easy or Expert modes."



Figure 2. AG DSP Controller - Easy Mode.

图2. AG DSP控制器 - 简易模式。

CH1 MIC TONE选择10个不同的音乐或语音EQ



Figure 3. AG DSP Controller - Expert Mode.

图3. AG DSP控制器 - 专家模式。

两个通道1和2压缩机和均衡器,但预设的通道1的对象是针对麦克风,而通道2预设主要用于声学和电吉他,还有贝司。所有的压缩机和EQ设置是完全可编程。通道2具有AG吉他音箱模拟器的控制面板与自定义虚拟放大器。两个通道均有FX SEND控制,以及PAN旋钮和IN / OUT米。效果部分是你编程SPX混响效果,也是完全可编程的。专家模式还提供了用于装载和拯救的DSP设置。





"It’s virtually impossible to find another mixer that offers the feature set of the AG06, even at considerably higher prices."




此外,DSP必须从一台计算机AG DSP控制器的应用程序,这意味着如果你依靠DSP却忘了编程或加载自己喜欢的编程设置



价格 :$ 269 USD

优点 :巨大的声音,许多常见的和独特的用途,便于网络广播,功能强大的DSP,自带的Cubase AI 8。

缺点 :只有1路带幻像电源,没有iPad的兼容编辑器,它的许多复杂性需要一定的学习时间。


Matthew Loel T. Hepworth

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MATTHEW LOEL T. HEPWORTH has been teaching music technology since 1984. The son of educators, he has the ability to thoughtfully instruct people to get the most from complicated music products and software. He authors the Cubase and WaveLab tutorials for macProVideo.com and authored several books including WaveLab 7 Power!, The Power i... Read More


I am newbie to voice over and podcast as I am recording at home in bedroom :)
I am confused for which one to buy?
Yamaha AG06 or steinberg UR22 ?
Just only one man show all the time in podcast or voice over.
Please advise.
For your purposes, I'd recommend the AG06 because it's tailor-made for podcasting. It has the advantage of the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) that provides for compression and EQ in real-time. The UR22 is a great little interface, but there is no DSP. Therefore, if you wanted to add EQ or compression (or in the case of input #2, guitar effects) to the inputs, you'd need to purchase additional hardware devices.
Thanks a lot.
I've ordered the AG06.
Thanks a lot.
Hi, I have a HS7 Monitors and I am undecided between acquiring this Yamaha AG06, 6-Channel Mixer or Focusrite Scarlett 2I2 (2nd Gen), My priority is to play audio as faithfully as possible, and as a second I make studio recordings. Which of these products would you recommend?
Sergio Le
Hi Enrique,
l am in the same situation, with the diferrence that l want the audio interface mainly for home studio vocal recording.l am between Yamaha AG06 and Steiberg Ur22. l think ur22 is better for this work,but l also like the effect mode of ag06 that will may be usefull for live performance .So,what did you choose finally and what is your opinion from your expirience?
Hi Enrique,

Both interfaces sound great and have high-quality mic preamps, but have their own advantages and disadvantages:

The Yamaha has more inputs (two XLR/1/4" combo jacks and two stereo pair of 1/4" jacks for a total of six), plus it can be used as a mixer without the need for being connected to a computer (so long as you have an external USB battery pack.) It also has two pair of outputs. It also has it's own DSP for EQ, amp simulation, and reverb) that can be used without being connected to a computer. The podcasting features (like the loopback) are very unique features.

The Focusrite has two inputs only, and only one pair of outputs. While it can use real-time effects, to my knowledge, you have to be hooked to a computer to use them, and you can't use the Scarlett without a computer.

The Scarlett costs a bit less, but it really is a basic 2-in/2-out interface with great preamps and a good bundle of software. The AG06 has more features, which makes it cost more, but doesn't have as comprehensive a bundle of software.

I hope that's helpful,

I have a mic shure sm7b connected to the ag06 and my headphone gamezero also connected to the ag06.
The sound is perfect but,
The problem is that the sound of my headphones passes on the microphone in Discord so my friends ear my headphone's sound ... do you have a solution for this?
I don't know what to do...

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