Based on its hardware namesake from the 1980s, Waves have resurrected the DPR-402 dynamics processor as software. Does the plug-in keep the punchy compression character and versatility? Find out here.  
Fig 1 The original BSS DPR-402 hardware unit
Fig 2 The Waves BSS DPR-402 plug-in

The layout 

The Modes 

Special sauce  

Fig 3 The Waves BSS DPR-402 JUMPER options (top); the same jumpers on the original’s rear panel (bottom)
Fig 4 The JUMPER options’ convenient “?” info box

The wrap

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Nice review thanks. I bought this after giving it a demo. Im using it on drums and basses if I want them really thick and punchy. You can really dial it up hard without things sounding over compressed as it would be on other compressors. It adds a nice character to the sound, quite different to most modelled compressors out there. Its handy that its a DeEsser too.

There are a lot of different ways to use this thing so it takes a little getting used to. You absolutely need to read the manual to get the best out of it. Its also a little heavy on processor resources. But thats ok, I wouldnt use this all over my project tracks, just where its needed.

I can see this joining my essential plugins list.

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