Review: Wave Alchemy Deep House and Garage Sample Pack

Want some superbly crafted deep house and garage loops, MIDI patterns and hits? Sara Simms puts Wave Alchemy's impressive sample pack to the test.  

Deep house has been making a comeback lately, with artists like Disclosure, Hot Since 82, and Shadow Child climbing up the charts. If you're a producer who's interested in creating records in this style, you should definitely check out the new Wave Alchemy Deep House and Garage sample pack. Sometimes all it takes is one sample to inspire a hit track; you'll be sure to find plenty of ideas that will spark your creativity in this great sounding collection.

This sample library includes 805 MB of 24-bit, royalty free sample content. Altogether the pack includes 498 24-bit WAV loops, 498 REX files and 498 Apple Loops, 315 24-bit one-shot samples and FX, and 168 MIDI patterns that you can use as building blocks or finishing touches. Best of all, the samples in this pack sound great; they're high quality, contemporary samples that will give your productions that sexy, sought-after deep house sound.

Drum Loops

The 188 drum loops have been carefully programmed and produced, and each rhythm includes four variations (full, stripped, top and groove) which are useful for building and arranging tracks. The loops have been organized into 122 BPM and 124 BPM grooves; two of the most popular tempos for deep house. There's an assortment of rhythms, ranging from classic house grooves to techy Detroit inspired floor fillers. There's enough variety in this drum loop collection to keep you freshly inspired for the next few months of your studio time.

The Low End

The bass loops included in this sample pack are all high quality, highly useable basslines with diverse sounds and rhythms. The bass samples range from warm, analog sounding tones to darker, dirtier sub bass sounds. Each of the basslines are marked with the BPM and the key which make it easy for producers to select the basslines that could work with their current project. The bass sound design is original, and overall these samples sound deep and phat.  

Synth/Key and Chord Loops

One of the most important components in a track is the melody. Here's where Wave Alchemy really comes to the rescue! The synth/key and chord loops folder includes a ton of authentic sounding synths that fit nicely into grooves and create emotive melodic lines. You'll find a wide variety of useful synth lines here, ranging from softer stab pluck synths to lush chords to dubbed out feedback drones. 

Wave Alchemy Deep House and Garage.

Wave Alchemy Deep House and Garage.

MIDI Patches

The MIDI patches included in the Waves library are one of the best features of this sample collection. For every bassline and chord pattern, Waves Alchemy has included the MIDI file (each one is marked with the BPM and key as you'd expect). If you hear a great line in the sample library you'd like to use, but your song is in a different key than the original sample, all you need to do is find the corresponding MIDI pattern, and change the key. These MIDI patches may give you ideas for your own original lines.

Drum Hits and Tones

In case you'd rather program your own percussion, there's a folder of drum hits and tones included in this sample pack. Each type of percussive sound has been neatly sorted and divided into folders that include kicks, claps and snares, FM bass tones, hi-hats and rides and percussion. The drums sound warm and thick, and they're ready to be crafted into a number that'll get the dance floor moving.

And Much, Much More

There's a a whole lot more included in this sample pack, including vocal loops, top and groove loops and sound effects. You could easily spend all day listening to these gorgeous samples! For those who prefer working with samples, there's also 16 ready-to-play drum kits and sampler patches for Battery, Kontakt, NN-XT, Halion and SFZ. 

If deep house/garage is your thing, this collection is really a producer's dream come true. It's packed with more rich sounding samples than you can shake a stick at! Do yourself a favor and migrate over to the webiste and check out this awesome sample pack.

Price: £31.46 GBP / 

Pros: Great sounding samples. Each loop is marked with BPM and key. MIDI patterns included for the bass and synth/chord loops.

Cons: Not much to complain about here!

A really good idea for another component that could be added would be patches for digital synths that sound like the basses and synths in this sample collection.


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