Review: Twisted Tools Ultraloop Expansions

What could make Twisted Tools excellent loop remixing sampler, Ultraloop, better than it already is? There's 3 possible answers and they come in the form of expansion packs which may blow your mind!  

Recently, Twisted Tools added three new libraries stemming from some insanely talented and well regarded artists in the form of D'arcangelo, Cooh and Arovane. The individual libraries that have come individually from each artist show such an amazing level of skill and even emotion that I felt I had to lay down some words to tell you all about them.


The Arovane collection blends nicely with Ultraloop, in the sense that Ultraloop, with its very mercurial ability to blend loops, accentuates Arovane, himself's equally mercurial talent for blending complicated beats and beautiful melody. Rhythms are dark, intelligent, and original, and run at 125 BPM with beats that are both original and mind-bending at times. There's also a very nice addition of several melodic riffs, basslines, modular riffs, and more that take this set far away from being just a collection of loops. In fact, I found that many of the melodies and sequences tend to hold much of the emotional charge that I'd heard when listening to full compositions by Arovane. Very nicely done.


Within the D'Arcangelo loops (128 BPM) I discovered some incredible noisescapes, as well as some really nice beats for the floor and for the car stereo when used within Ultraloop. When you hear the loop collection on its own, just as audio loops, you get a collection that is much more rhythm oriented and will do very nicely supplying the main beats to your composition, or will also do wonderfully as layers of background rhythm adding electronic madness to what you're writing. I would be very interested to hear this collection used in some Industrial, or EBM, as the level of '

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