Review & Tutorial: AI Synthesis AI008 Matrix Mixer

The AI008 Matrix Mixer is a four in, 4 out Eurorack Matrix Mixer. Scott Riesterer takes it on a proper walkthrough to discover some of what it is capable of.  

This video takes a look at the AI Synthesis AI008 Matrix Mixer. After a quick explanation of matrix mixers and how this one works, I provide a few patch examples. Matrix mixers are uniquely suited to the eurorack environment. They're great for distributing audio or CV signals throughout your system, creating feedback loops, along with more standard mixing scenarios.

Check out Hainbach's Passive Bandpass Filter Trick video here:

AI Synthesis AI008 Matrix Mixer for Eurorack Synths

Video Chapters

00:03 - Intro Overview

01:56 - 4-Voice Patch With FX Distribution

07:02 - FEEDBACK!

09:07 - CV Routing

11:10 - Hainbach-Style Bandpassed Effects 





Scott is a Sound Designer from Vancouver, Canada who has contributed his post production audio skills to dramatic and documentary films, animations, video games, and oddly enough, the Chevrolet Volt. His music makes heavy use of field recordings gathered from a variety of sources and locations. In 2013 he released Sonidos De Cuba, an a... Read More


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