The Squarp Instruments Pyramid is a unique hardware MIDI sequencer capable of multitimbral MIDI sequencing. MIDI effects, Euclidian sequencing, and polyrhythmic programming and performing. Wow...


Pyramid features 4 sequencer modes.

SEQ Mode


LIVE Mode 

Could Pyramid be the heart of your synth setup?

MIDI Effects 

Touch Pad

Physical Connections

No Laptop Setup

Future Updates

Squarp Instruments have hit home with the Pyramid. 


Synthesis 101
The Filter
by Bob Moog Foundation

"Rishabh Rajan is an award winning music producer & educator currently based in New York. He produces electronic music under the name code:MONO & hosts a YouTube channel featuring music and live mashup videos using performance controllers like the Ableton Push. He is also a sample library developer having worked with companies like Bela..." Read More


Awesome beast generally regarded second to the mighty Cirkon. Catch up on user experience at

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