Review: Sonarworks Reference 3 Headphone Plug-In

With tools for room measurement and correction being commonplace, Sonarworks debut spots a gap in the market to offer a similar technology to aid headphone users. colo[r]'s Chris Octane & TST test it.  

The neutrality of your speaker system and room response play a big part in how well you can assess and shape your music production for professional results. After choosing speakers to best suit your budget and tastes, along with room treatment, room measurement and calibration systems can really help your speakers and room work together and not against each other. Another option is to keep checking your work on headphones as this removes the room from the equation, but in many cases, headphones exert their own character through their frequency response curves which can create difficulties when you need accurate judgement. 

Sonarworks are a new company on most people's radar, but we first heard of their headphone calibration system back in 2011 through their prototype system on show at the NAMM. Though it's been a long time, we're happy to say that the concept of re-balanced headphones for confidence in accuracy, translation and mobility has been worth the wait. 

Calibration in practice

Though the name '

Colo[r] is the pseudonym of Chris Pearson and Liam O'Mullane who together share a strong history in electronic music production and live performance. Chris' history in drum & bass covers releases on Ram Records, Renegade Hardware and Dispatch Recordings to name a few under the guise of Chris Octane of Octane & DLR and Cymatic. Ch... Read More


Urk, and just like that, my wallet gets a little bit lighter.

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