Getting hold of multiple high-end classic microphones is a daunting task. Luckily, Slate Digital has come up with a hardware and software alternative. We put it to the test.  

What you get 

The Hardware

The Modelling

The Software

Why You May Want This

Why You May Not Want This


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Really appreciate this review ... the product on its own terms. Other reviews/forums get bogged down by a (sometimes) mythical reverence for largely unobtainable components. For many, nostalgia is not a purchasing consideration and the (by modern standards) loose manufacturing tolerances of older mics make like-for-like comparisons even more subjective. Jay Asher here and James Ivey over at Pro Tools Expert have given solid reviews for the VMS. For now I am content to let the VMS and the Townsend Sphere solution evolve in the market for a generation then choose between the two.
Jay Asher
Whatever its relative merits, the Townsend offering will not include a mic pre.

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