Review: Roland Go: Mixer

This self-powered mixer has multiple channels and is perfect for recording all your sources. Jade Wii finds out if Roland's Go: Mixer could be the ultimate in portability.

You know what really grinds my gears? When someone shares a song using thousands of dollars of equipment but makes the conscious decision to record using their phones internal mic, that really grinds my gears. Luckily, these culprits no longer have an excuse for sharing their bad audio with us, thanks to Roland’s Go: Mixer, the perfect recording solution for all your jammin’ needs. We can all agree that not every 20 second clip we share on Instagram justifies the hassle of setting up our interface to record proper audio, which then needs to be synced in a separate video editing software to generate a final product. All these steps are cancelled out with the Go: Mixer.


Here's a quick video overview of the Roland Go:Mixer by JAde Wii:

Something Special

So why is this product a big deal? The Roland Go: Mixer is the first of its kind to provide so many features in such a small package. Not only does it not require external power, it works with both Apple and Android, and comes included with cables for both devices which means as soon as you open the box you have everything you need to start recording. A designated Monitor Out allows you to use the Go: Mixer as you would any other regular size mixer - plug in headphones or a speaker to listen to the same quality audio while simultaneously recording your performance. With the ability to combine five sound sources with separate knobs for each source (apart from the 3.5 line inputs) you can easily control your entire mix straight from the Go: Mixer into your phones camera app and achieve high quality video and audio.   



The Go: Mixer is equipped with inputs for all types of devices: Guitar, Microphone, a Stereo input for synths, and a 3.5 inputs for playback devices. There’s also a Center Cancel ON and OFF switch that reduces the volume of the main vocals of any song, and a Main volume control with a peak indicator light. Stereo audio is transferred from the Go: Mixer into your phone via USB, so the video that is recorded is ready to be uploaded to any platform of your choosing for sharing.


Facebook and YouTube Live

Something I learned very early on in my YouTube career was that someone would rather watch something with bad video quality than bad audio. Bad audio ruins the whole experience of watching a video, people are quick to stop watching something because of bad audio, especially musicians. Good audio is so important when trying to share your creations that one should really invest in getting their users the best audio experience they can deliver; this goes for pre-recorded videos as well as live streams. We have our phones on us all the time, and this device is small enough to be called a phone accessory. With the Go: Mixer its easy to take your performances to the next level, and at only $99 there’s no reason why any musician or creator shouldn’t have one in their studio or their person at all times for quick unprompted recording sessions. 

Price: $99.99

Pros: Portable. Lots of inputs. 

Cons: Works better with Apple than with Android. Plastic build 


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