The AIRA Bitrazer, Demora, Scooper & Torcido from Roland are 21HP eurorack synth modules and USB audio interfaces. And using the software editor they become very flexible indeed. We test them out.  
A standard wall wart and a ribbon power adaptor are both included with the units.


Get extreme bit and sample crushing effects with Bitrazer.


Demora is a highly versatile modular delay effect


Scooper is a programmable scatter effect. Intense and chaotic!


Torcido can produce tones ranging from smooth overdrive to heavy distortion.

In Conclusion

Torcido, Scooper, Demora and Bitrazer together for a family shot.

Scott is a Sound Designer from Vancouver, Canada who has contributed his post production audio skills to dramatic and documentary films, animations, video games, and oddly enough, the Chevrolet Volt. His music makes heavy use of field recordings gathered from a variety of sources and locations. In 2013 he released Sonidos De Cuba, an a... Read More


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