Review: Permut8 by Sonic Charge

The announcement of the Permut8 plug-in by Sonic Charge brought with it both adoring comments and head scratching. G.W. Childs gets to the core of this glitchy audio plug-in in this excellent review.  

It is very, very rare that you run in to a plug-in that redefines your sound. Not just for me, for everyone. 

One such plug-in, for many, was DB Glitch. Because the plug-in was relatively cheap, up until it became a freebie, and because it gave such instant gratification as soon as you'd run anything to it, regardless of the complexity you supplied it with. I used DB Glitch for a long time, up until I went totally Mac. Then, no more Glitch, it was just no longer an option. 

Permut8 is no DB Glitch, and I'm not saying this to put it down. The reason I make the comparison is that this is the closest I've come to having a plug-in, again, completely redefine my sound. 

What is Permut8?

Even Sonic Charge, the developers, do not supply a complete explanation of what Permut8 is, but I'll do my best. Permut8 is a delay, a filter, a limiter and several beat synced effects that behave differently depending on what '

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