The Minimoog Model D Reissue has received a lot of attention and brief, hands-on demos across the web. But we've decided to give this powerful classic analog synthesizer a real-world review & video.

Original Design

New in the Reissue

Fatar TP-9 keyboard, LFO, Glide and Envelope release controls
Minimoog now has a simple built-in MIDI interface.


The Minimoog is known for its legendary sound and Model D reissue continues the tradition.

Audio Examples

Comparison with Native Instruments Monark

Minimoog Sawtooth.png
Monark Sawtooth
Minimoog Square
Monark Square
Minimoog Triangle
Monark Triangle


Synthesis 101
The Filter
by Bob Moog Foundation

"Rishabh Rajan is an award winning music producer & educator currently based in New York. He produces electronic music under the name code:MONO & hosts a YouTube channel featuring music and live mashup videos using performance controllers like the Ableton Push. He is also a sample library developer having worked with companies like Bela..." Read More


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