Review: MONO Guitar Sleeve

The MONO Guitar Sleeve is the latest addition to the MONO family. Featuring modern, minimalist design for those who only want to take the bare essentials with them on the road safely.  
Pic 1: MONO Guitar Sleeve Black

Built to Last

Pic 2: MONO Guitar sleeve bags

MONO is known for producing high-quality bags for musicians that are built to last and look great. The Guitar Sleeveâ„¢ is a well-padded bag that features a water resistant outer shell and is made out 100% animal free materials. The Sleeveâ„¢ safely protects guitars and despite being a svelte bag it provides a solid protection for your instrument. The Sleeveâ„¢ features back-pack style straps and a sturdy riveted handle for easy carrying. It zips up neatly with two double steel zippers which (according to the MONO website) will double the life of each pocket.

Top Loading

Pic 3: MONO Guitar sleeve

The MONO Guitar Sleeveâ„¢ features a unique top-loading style bag, so that your guitar can be loaded into and out of the bag while it's in an upright position. This saves space and time and allows you to quickly and easily load in and out your guitar while in the studio or at live gigs. The Sleeveâ„¢ naturally opens to the right when you unzip it; it features a slight diagonal hinge that makes the loading/unloading process even easier. With the Sleeveâ„¢, you'll be ready to rock in no time flat.


Pic 4: MONO guitar sleeve headlock

The Sleeveâ„¢ features a slimmer version of Headlockâ„¢, MONO's patented neck suspension system. Headlockâ„¢ provides a contoured grooved area for your guitar neck to rest on. This is the first time I've seen a padded rest area for a guitar neck inside a gig bag and I think its a great idea. Headlockâ„¢ keeps the guitar neck straight while the guitar is in the case and will ensure the guitar is protected while in motion or storage.

EVA Insole

Pic 5: EVA insole

At the bottom of the Sleeveâ„¢ lies yet another brilliant MONO innovation. The Sleeveâ„¢ features an EVA insole, which keeps the body of the guitar away from the ground. It also protects the strap pin on the bottom of your guitar from hitting the bottom of the case and prevents the guitar from damage if its accidentally put down too hard. Its thoughtful design elements like this that make the Sleeveâ„¢ a cut above the rest of the pack.

Messenger Style-Bag

Tom Gorton from MONO and Sara Simms

The front of the case features a zippered 'messenger-style' bag that's just the right size for laptops, notebooks, sheet music, cables and other accessories that guitarists need. There's a small zippered pouch inside the messenger bag that can be used to store picks and pens. The messenger case is fastened with a sturdy steel buckle that resembles a seatbelt buckle, which gives the Sleeveâ„¢ a stylish finish and keeps the bag securely closed.

Like all MONO bags, the Sleeveâ„¢ comes with a lifetime warranty which makes it a solid investment. It's a great bag that's designed for standard, solid body electric guitars. It's tough enough to safely transport your guitar on the road, and has been designed with care and a modern flair. It's certain to appeal to electric guitar players of many genres; I highly recommend checking out these cases out.

Dimensions: Internal fitting dimensions are 12" wide x 10" long (short side), 14.5" long (long side), and can be filled up to 2.5"- 3" deep. 

Weight: 71 oz (4.4 lbs)

Pros: Slim and stylish design. Good quality materials. Headlock headstock suspension system.

Cons: No complaints here! Great bag that's already come in handy for me.


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