Review: ModeAudio Critical Mass for NI Massive

If you're in need of some quick inspiration to help you get bigger beats from Native Instruments' Massive, ModeAudio can help. Critical Mass has drums a-plenty and G. W. Childs finds them banging.  

There are a lot of sound designers rolling out Massive presets these days! This makes sense, as Massive, from Native Instruments, is a powerhouse of a synth. Recently, I got a chance to hear how powerful Massive really could be by reviewing a very big sounding drum bank from ModeAudio, known as Critical Mass. Let me tell you all about it!

Drums a-plenty!

Critical Mass is aN extremely competitively priced drum bank featuring a large supply of kicks, snares, hi-hats and cymbals. To test and taste the delectable platter of goodness that ModeAudio had prepared, I employed the Drum Rack in Ableton Live to build up a few patterns of beats that I could tweak and apply FX, as needed. 

Once I was set up, and as I got my initial beats going, I began looking for the Macros. After all, just getting some presets is great, but I want to be able to tweak and customize what I've done, right? ModeAudio, with each drum preset did not fail. The Macros in Critical Mass are intelligently thought out and really go far in giving you not just a bunch of sounds, but an intelligent '

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