Review: Korg Gadget For iOS

Despite the fact we had already reviewing Korg Gadget when it was first released, Toby Pitman took such a nine to it, he insisted upon doing another review! Check it out!  

Korg have a pretty good pedigree when it comes to iOS apps with iPolySix, iMS-20 and iElectribe already in the portfolio and a hit with users. I was intrigued when I saw the release of their new app Gadget which houses 15 synths and drum machines of varying types and a pretty well spec'd sequencer and mixer. Was is it just a gimmick or is it really rather good? Let's find out!

Korg Gadget

Go Go Gadget!

On opening Gadget you're confronted with an empty song file. The interface is presented in a vertical orientation and split into two halves. The top is where you sequence and the bottom is for the mixer and Gadget interfaces. 

Pic 1

Clicking on the plus sign of the empty track brings up a list of Gadgets. These range from PCM-based drum machines to a range of synths that cover most types of synthesis from PCM, sampler-based to old school analog and all the way up to your wobble wobble! You can add as many Gadgets as you like (or as many as your iPad can take) and if you run out of steam there's a helpful '

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I bought it and I love it. I run it into Live through my Focusrite Interface and record it that way, but the export to DropBox feature it great. ...Didn't know about that until I read it here. :)

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