K-Mix from Keith McMillen Instruments is a high-quality audio interface, programmable mixer, and MIDI controller combining their best tech know-how in one portable package. Timo Preece gets hands on.  

Renewed Hands-On Control

Keith McMillen K-Mix

One Tight Package

Audio Interface—Ins and Outs

Back of the K-Mix
Headphone setup screen

Surround All Around

Surround Sound Setup screen

Onboard DSP

Note: Unlike the main output bus, the auxiliary outputs do not have any DSP effects and the reverb send effect is not mixed into the aux outputs.
Channel Strip setup
Reverb screen

MIDI Control

MIDI Panel

Wrap Up

Timo Preece (Certified Ableton Trainer, ProTools Expert) is an accomplished audio technologist, multi-media consultant, sound designer and electronic musician. He graduated with a degree in Ethnomusicology from UCLA and a Masters in Sound Design at the University of Edinburgh, UK. From conceptualizing and building cutting-edge setu... Read More


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