Review: iZotope Iris

The biggest instrument release of the year so far has been from the clever people at iZotope. Ozone and RX have been lauded for their mixing & restoration abilities. So, how does Iris fare as a synth?  

iZotope is well known for its great audio processing tools and plug-ins, but has started to also develop its own software instruments. It is perhaps not a great surprise, given the company's evident expertise in the DSP world, that its first dedicated synth would not be an emulation of something old but a new take on resynthesis. A synth that looks quite unlike anything else and has a different approach to that other well known resynthesizer, Camel Audio's Alchemy. You will see from a quick glance that Iris is based on Izotope's spectral analysis technology as found in the excellent RX, which is able to provide incredible levels of access not only to the waveform of a piece of digital audio but allows you to view, edit and manipulate it on a much more fundamental level. Izotope says it has a 'new spin'

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