Review: In Seventh Heaven with Steinberg's Cubase 7

Digital Musicians take note: Cubase 7 is here, with a sleek new look & tons of revolutionary new features! Matthew Loel T. Hepworth explores it in-depth in this massive review. A MUST-READ!  

As I write this article, the date is December 5th. That's significant in two ways: 1. I'm realizing how woefully behind I am in my holiday preparations, and 2. Cubase 7 ships today. Whenever a new iteration of Cubase is released, I get very excited because I know the artisans at Steinberg have improved on an already powerful and irreplaceable tool in my music production kit.

But is '

Matthew Loel T. Hepworth

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MATTHEW LOEL T. HEPWORTH has been teaching music technology since 1984. The son of educators, he has the ability to thoughtfully instruct people to get the most from complicated music products and software. He authors the Cubase and WaveLab tutorials for and authored several books including WaveLab 7 Power!, The Power i... Read More


You're the best Matt. Thanks!
I've been ignoring Cubase since v4 but decided to give 7 a try - and have been running through your tutorials to get me up to speed. Though I'm shocked to hear myself say it, Cubase 7 feels more modern and usable to me at least than Logic.

And I agree with the assessment here. This is a beautifully done and very practical UI, and so far seems well worth the effort to re-learn.

And, Matt, your tutorials -- both the new features, and the Cubase 6 megaseries -- are excellent, so thank you.

Matt will there be a Cubase 7 Megaseries as well? I'm currently on Elements 6 and would like to make the jump to artist 7 but can't do it without you ;)

Barry, we've got you covered! Cubase 7 101 and 102 are already online. I'm currently producing Cubase 7 103, plus there are THREE additional C7 courses in the pipeline. All of us here at AskVideo/macProVideo are excited to bring them to you.

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