Review: Heavyocity Gravity

The new big cinematic instrument from Heavyocity adds a staggering array of inspiring sounds to your setup. Matt Vanacoro finds out if this instrument, with its unique motion engine, will pull you in.  

Film scoring libraries and tools are being developed in droves these days. More and more virtual instrument companies are developing smarter and more efficient programs for assisting composers and sound designers in their work. Heavyocity's latest offering attempts to put a sound designer inside your computer, wrapped up in the Kontakt engine. How does it sound? Quite well, actually!

Going Deep

Heavyocity makes the claim that Gravity is like having an entire team of sound designers at your very fingertips. I found this to be a fairly accurate claim. The sheer number of presets across all the different categories is simply staggering. Presets, for an instrument such as this, can make or break my relationship with a program. Let's be real here, this program is supposed to save me time. I want to use the presets and generally avoid having to '

Matt Vanacoro is one of New York's premier musicans. Matt has collaborated as a keyboardist in studio and on stage with artists such as Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Mark Wood (Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Mark Rivera (Billy Joel Band), Aaron Carter, Amy Regan, Jay Azzolina, Marcus Ratzenboeck (Tantric), KeKe Palmer, C-Note, Jordan Knig... Read More


Magic Fingers
Really Exciting!
Adding this to my Kontakt Library ASAP!

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