Review: Focusrite iTrack Dock

With iPad software becoming more powerful all the time, Focusrite reckons it might have the studio hardware to complete the package'¦ Hollin Jones checks it out.  

With the iPad platform having matured at amazing speed in the four years since its creation, we now find ourselves in a situation where the computing hardware and apps available are advanced enough to allow proper music production to take place on these portable devices. The issue then of course becomes connectivity: Apple provides precious little of this, and while audio or MIDI devices that connect to your Lightning or 30-pin port work well, they are by definition limited to providing fairly basic audio or MIDI I/O. 

Focusrire iTrack Dock

Docking stations

Enter the iPad Dock concept. This isn't new, but there are only a couple on the market at present. With an increasing number of USB interfaces (including some from Focusrite) getting class compliance'"meaning they work with your Mac, PC and iPad'"the iPad Dock has to work a little harder to justify your attention. In fact, the iTrack Dock is designed to be used pretty much instead of a computer, not with one. It also seeks to address the ergonomic issues that go with making music on an iPad. Namely, that Apple's USB Camera Connection Kit solution is not particularly elegant. 

"It seeks to address the ergonomic issues that go with making music on an iPad."

The iTrack Dock is lightweight but solid and works with any Lightning-equipped iPad, which means a 4th generation or later 'large'

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