The battle for USB audio interfaces is hotting up just in time for winter holidays! And Focusrite's latest and greatest, the Forte, is inline for an in-depth review by Mo Volans,  
Unboxing the Forte revealed a very solid product.
The Forte ready for action.
The single OLED display supplies some great visual feedback.
The Forte Control panel is very easy on the eye.
The bundled Midnight plug-in suite.
The rear panel of the Forte houses the essential connections.

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Joe Shepard
From your Quartet review:

"The results were nothing short of spectacular. After comparison with TC Electronic, Focusrite and NI interfaces, the Apogee dusted the competition and produced a much more natural, open sound. The stereo image seemed wider, yet tighter and the overall sonic quality was actually less fatiguing over long periods."

A rather different view than what you wrote in your review above.


Mo Volans
Was actually comparing to another less costly Focusrite at the time. I'd say the Apogee and Focusrite interfaces are about on par with each other sonically. After living with them both in my studio for a few months now I'd be happy to use either in critical projects.

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