Review: FabFilter Timeless 2, Hot Dub Time Machine

A "hot dub time machine"?? What on earth does that even mean when describing an audio plug-in by FabFilter? Find out in this cool review from Noah Pred.  

FabFilter have carved out a reputation as standard-bearing purveyors of cutting-edge multi-platform mixing and mastering plug-ins. But what about the fun stuff'"creative tools to make the wild noises and soundscapes that inspire the writing process? FabFilter have been quietly but steadily delivering the goods on this front as well, with Saturn, Twin 2, and Volcano 2 leading the charge'"and now Timeless 2 is available with an incredibly unique and highly programmable modular delay system.

Buckets of Win

There are few effect sounds more sought-after in modern electronic production than the classic 'bucket-brigade'

Noah Pred is a Canadian record producer, sound designer, technologist, DJ, and Ableton Certified Trainer living in Berlin, Germany. Releasing dozens of records and touring extensively since the '90s, he currently teaches a wide variety of techniques for stage and studio at the BIMM Institute. For more information, please visit: http://... Read More


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