Review: Deckadance 2

Digital DJs often reach for Traktor or Serato, but there's another program out there with an amazing feature-set, Deckadance 2. We give this package by Image Line (FL Studio) a full-on spin.  

If you're unfamiliar with Deckadance 2, from Image-Line, the guys that brought you FL Studio, and you're a DJ... well, you're missing out. As someone who's only at an enthusiast level with software-based DJing, I've found the program sounds amazing, while at the same time making someone at my skill-level feel like they really know what they doing. 

I'd like to go through some of the things that I noticed and discovered about Deckadance 2, and share my thoughts with you in this review.

Deckadance 2, in General...

Deckadance 2 is an amazingly robust application with a layout and design that, in my opinion, is extremely easy to '

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